Wednesday, June 20, 2012


For anyone/everyone who is interested in the nail art book project and doesn't follow my Facebook posts, I fear you might be under the impression that I've wandered off and abandoned this project.

Not so, I assure you!

I did hit some photo editing issues that have required some professional consultation, but it's all going much smoother than I'd even anticipated. This is good, because real life hasn't!

My salon has been under construction/remodel for over a month now, I am irritated and impatient with that project and surprised at how badly it has knocked my time management out of whack.

My dog was recently diagnosed with diabetes, which has forced my routine in my daily life to be adjusted.

Business has been booming, leaving very little spare time for side projects.

And I am one of those one-track mind types who finds multi-tasking exhausting and confusing.

And I've come to the conclusion that I don't particularly care for the Blogger format for this particular website. Which means I will-- eventually-- change that also.

And we still need a great name for this book, so throw out your suggestions!

Just don't give up on me and the project.

Monday, April 23, 2012

So Many Pictures/So Little Time


Well, thanks to everyone who has sent in photos and release forms! Now we're finally moving on to the editing process.

I still have several release forms to collect, and am in the process of resizing photos so they will print properly... all in between clients and a busy summer weekend schedule!

There is still time to contribute photos! So feel free to continue to send pix to me at

Not much of a post, but I don't want everyone to forget about the project-- or worse! Think I forgot!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Not That Other Book

Many of you are probably aware of... heck, many of you probably own a copy of... the nail style book published by Creative Age Publishing (the publishing company that publishes Nailpro Magazine and the Inspire line of hair style books) what was that? 6 years ago now?

I can't find the copyright date in my copy of the book, but I remember I bought mine at the IBS Las Vegas show, I'm pretty sure it was the first year I was with the BF-- that would make it 2006, if I'm right.

Even if it wasn't quite that long ago, it's been a long time. Several years. Much longer than should be allowed between issues.

And, in talking with colleagues and clients over the years about the Inspire book for nails by Creative Age, there's been much disappointment in the types of nails and nail designs that are featured.

Sure, the vast majority of the photos are very pretty pictures of very pretty nails, but they don't represent nail styles that are appealing to real life clients under everyday circumstances. Most of my clients flip through the book and comment that no one would actually wear those nails.

And the photos that do show off something I'd like to try my hand at offer absolutely no information on how the nails were done. For the most part, I can figure it out-- I've been doing this a long time-- but there are a couple here and there that leave me scratching my head, wondering "were they airbrushed? sculpted with multiple powders? are these pre-designed tips?"

Anyone who has actually visited the Inspire website and downloaded the submission guidelines also know what I'm talking about when I say they are intimidating: I don't often do a full-on photo shoot with a professional model and a professional photographer. In all actuality, I ought to. I mean, not on a regular basis, but I ought to do a professional photo shoot here in the salon to have some really high quality photos of my work for my portfolio.

But mostly I'm busy doing nails all day. And mostly, like you, I take a lot of quick snap shots of the nails that come out really cool to post on my website and Facebook page so that people combing the Internet for nail art ideas will be able to revere my awesomeness.

Problem is, my clients only really get to see my awesomeness here in the salon. I want them  to see your awesomeness! I want to expose my clients-- the ones who don't spend the time when they ought to be working surfing the Internet for nail art-- to the amazing variety of nail designs and styles that are out there, all over the world.

Which is what go  me started on this project.

Everytime I check my Facebook newsfeed, I see hundreds of photos that my friends have posted of the nails they've done. I know there's enough photos out there to fill a dozen books! And we're taking new photos all the time, which is why I know there will continue to be enough photos to fill future books.

But I really want this to not be intimidating like that other book. I want this to be as simple as sending in your photos to the trade magazines' for their reader submitted galleries. I'm working hard to keep it simple while still keeping it legal (yes, I have to have the release form.)

I do not need super great photos of super great nails. This is about showing off your nail art. Your ideas, your personal style as a nail tech.

There are some issues with pixel depth that may or may not present some challenges when it comes to the printing of the book-- from now on, change the camera settings on your cell phone (if that's the camera you use) or your camera to at least 3 or 5 megapixels and the quality to "fine" or "superfine," whatever the highest quality is. This will take up more memory, but the photos will be printable. Not just for this project, but for any project you might want to print your photos for in the future.

And focus.

But photography lessons are something I might make a video tutorial of later... right now, as long as the photo shows off the nails, we're good!

I am looking for EVERYTHING, every design, style, idea, shape, product, technique that is being done in salons right now! Whatever your clients are wearing is what this book is about!

So get involved and send in some photos! And tell all your nail tech friends to get involved too!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Your work IS SO good enough!

A lot of people who do fabulous nails and have posted very respectable photos of them online are telling me that they don't think they're work is "good enough" for  my project!


That's just the thing, see? I am not trying to put together a book comprised entirely of fancy photos taken by professional photographers of competition-quality nails. I want REAL nail designs, done by REAL nail techs, on REAL clients.

This is going to be an idea book. Like the type you see all the time for hair styles. It'll be full of hundreds of photos taken by nail techs and it'll be used in salons for clients and other nail techs to use as inspiration for their own nails.

I know there are enough photos to make this happen, I see them all the time on Facebook, Picasa and Flickr albums and on Nails Magazine's galleries. What I want to do, is take those photos and make them into a book.

So, if you're a nail tech and you have photos of your work, I would love for you to submitt them to the project.

I'm looking for 1,000 photos before I start the editing process.

I do need the release forms filled out and sent back. It's just one of those legal things.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me! You can find me on Facebook as "Onykophile" or you can email me at

And please share this link with any other nail techs you know! Everyone is welcome, no matter what country you're in!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

So, I'm working on publishing some books...

...really cool books, specifically for the nail industry.

You know, like the really cool books that the hair industry already has 17 gazillion of already?

Idea books. Style books. Concept books. Art books.

Books filled with photos of nail styles and designs representing the full spectrum of enhancement products and techniques available to the discerning nailcare client in today's professional salon environment. Showcasing the variety of lengths, shapes, products, techniques, design and embellishment that can be accomplished by a skilled professional nail artist.

Something your clients can flip through when they wait, or when they don't know what they want, or during their hair or pedi appointments.

Something to inspire them (and you) and to show them what's possible.

These books will, naturally, feature beautifully posed and photographed nails of exquisite quality, because we want to show off now and then... but mostly, I envision hundreds of photos of real-life nails, done on real-life clients, taken by the every day, real-life nail artists who created them.

Styles and designs that represent what is popular, what is practical, and what is being done on a daily basis in salons across America and throughout the world and being worn by real women across all walks of life  and in every field of employment and play.

I intend to publish new volumes on an annual basis, and periodic special editions featuring specific themes such as holiday nails, bridal nails, etc.

This is a collective effort-- I need lots of support from my colleagues to make this project successful.
Mostly, I need your pictures!

Please read the submission guildelines (they're pretty easy-going) and download the appropriate release forms to return with your entries. And share this site, the more participation we get, the better!

Of course I'm open to suggestion!

I have big plans for the future of this project, but if you have any ideas that you'd like to contribute, please email me at

Remember, I'm a full time nail tech in my other life!

Email is the absolute best way to contact me! I can also be found on Facebook as Onykophile.
But sometimes it takes me a few days to reply, patience is appreciated